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    Know yourself

Know yourself

We have seen that the limits and distortions of the way we think make life difficult, often inadequate, and even when we use the intellect in the proper areas, the use we make of it makes it distorted if not dangerous.

Do not believe that thought is theoretical and the doing is practical, thinking and doing are currently our way of being and both have an impact on our lives. We learn that a superficial and approximate way generates fatigue and misery, and that every thought, every gesture, have a different meaning depending on the level where they are born.

The depth is the result of a careful and honest view of ourselves and the things that surround us. Being with ourselves refines in being with ourselves. Without interference, without aiming for predetermined answers, without fear of answers we don't like; what is healthy can never bring harm.
It 's important that this listening will not be polluted by any personal consideration; you must have a "scientific" approach, an aspect that looks at things as they are and not how we think they are.

Limits and limitations

We realize that the mind is limited, it can not respond to everything, yet this is not a problem in itself, since it responds well when it is used properly in its fields, while it is inadequate and incapable in areas where it does't belong to, thus generating a sense of limitation.
The limitation is therefore a misuse of thought, while the limits are the areas in which the operation is precise and it does not cause any discomfort.

Learning to accept the limitations as it should be (we can not expect a fork to pull out the broth, while the spoon does it very well) we realize that we are used to expect crazy things and slowly these claims will cease. Everything will be seen with the right measure and we will not be asked anything out of place.
A confident and more balanced management of our world will take place. A more relaxed listening takes over and we are no longer eager to solve problems, but we take time to observe them with care and kindness, to truly understand their nature, and not to get rid of them as soon as possible.

A natural process

We learn with kindness, without forcing ourselves to live with our personal story and in this coexistence diseases and difficulties are reduced, the confidence and quiet management of our experience bring back the facts to the right size and they stop to become trouble.
They were such a trouble for a distorted and altered reading, because a fact is a fact, it becomes a problem if you do not accept it, but this is silly, denials can't erase a fact.
We accept inner and outer facts for what they are, without alteration and without reluctancy, impartial witnesses whose sole "purpose" is to grasp exactly what is happening because just in this way the right answer will rise.
You see the different approaches in technological, practical, functional thinking, the mind is active and in motion, and it is how it must be, to meet the human dimension we need a firm and quiet look, in order to see clearly what is going on.

This happens in the confidence and acceptance of facts without choice or rejection in their appearance. This impartiality generates its own tools and its own time, so do not worry about how to do it and when, it's the depth and honesty to generate the proper tools in a correct manner.
This happens naturally; no method, technique, or other artifice can lead to the spontaneous encounter with yourself . What is natural is nourished only with what is natural, otherwise you get sick. Remember a quiet mind is a deeper and fitter mind, able to find the balance and responses tailored to the needs of the human being.

The silence

In this honesty and tranquility will start to appear the silence. Silence is the profound content of the mind; the content is not personal, it is true nature and is not tied to anything or anyone.
These touches of silence are the first clear references to a profound intelligence that permeates everything and that is not attributable to someone. This silent presence is everywhere and when it appears in a human being, silence becomes meditation.
The human condition goes back to its natural status, the impersonal begins to govern in an appropriate way the human dimension, that only here finds itself, its true nature , and the beauty of life. So the end of false personal sense is the access to silence and the return to what we are.

The rest is just illusion and pain.


Illusion and pain are consequences of a life which is believed to be independent of any other factor. We are the author of every step, without realising that every event needs the contribution of many other conditions on which the experience has no mastery. All these conditions make it possible or not. 
All materials generated by these illusions, misinterpretations, misconceptions lead us to act generating new mistakes, new beliefs, new attempts.
This will never stops and we are forced by these constraints to live according to their pressure and not because we choose it. 

We "live" depending on the nature of our conditioning and we have no choice. A violent person will face the world in an aggressive manner, a fearful person will continually flee. We think we choose while we are obliged to act in the manner imposed by our badly managed materials.
At this point only a clear and honest management allows us to stop this wheel and make sure that memories, delusions, illusions, are seen for what they are and lose their authority.

Present is our chance

When is it possible to manage our feelings? Only when they happen; previously they don't exist, later they have already passed and just their effects remain here. You need to be present, but for this to happen you must not be stuffed with thoughts, ideas, or other concerns, mind must be free from all these tracks, being otherwise busy it can not grasp what is happening.
This is the reason why we must learn to be calm, not to react, not to refuse, not to suffer and not to impose. In this way  we grasp the present and it is only in the present that we can change. In the past and in the future, which does not exist, we can not.

Completeness of the gesture

If this is read for what it is, without interference, the response is answered adequately because what is happening is clear in its nature, and this generates an appropriate and complete action.
There is no waste or consequences when the response is complete, everything finds its fulfilment; since there are no residues, the action ends up completely, everything stops, it dies.
You are okay with yourself, calm, quiet. Now you walk from silence to silence, from moment to moment and every end is the possibility of a new beginning because there are no memories. It is fresh, alert and relaxed, and you are finally human.


An interested and honest person will learn from any event and will have the sensitivity to recognise what he need. There are no rules; depending on the nature of each one, learning will take place through the ways that life will take him, it is important not to establish patterns where you need a teacher, or where everyone has to do it alone, these are only assumptions; only honesty and interest determine the actual possibility, not opinions.
Opinions have no value, only what it is counts and this will take you where you must go.

A final consideration:
The link between the teacher and pupil is a touch founded on silence; there may be a need for a teacher due to your needs, and this will make sense until that need will end. I hope you do not fall into the clutches of pseudo guru or deception, knowing that only a dispassionate listening guarantees you to avoid this error.
There are no direct or indirect roads, better or easier ways, you are what you are, and only this awareness will guide you.
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