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    About us

About us

This is a brief presentation of who will welcome you:

David manages the Ashram, from the reception of groups to the organization of retreats.
Irene, David's wife, works at the family business; she has recently created a line of eco-organic cosmetics using local medicinal plants (www.maremmaofficinalis.com) and takes care of the flowers.
Bruno, David's father, he has been teaching a natural approach to meditation for 25 years  and offers periodic retreats aimed at his own groups and anyone who wants to participate (you can find more information in his section of the website).
Daniela, Bruno's partner, takes care of the vegetable garden and orchard; she has a great passion for painting and the furniture you find in the rooms are painted by her. 


Centro Meditazione Il Risveglio

Irene e David

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